Support to non-Chinese speaking (NCS) students

·         Received Grant for Support to NCS Students

·         Appoint additional teaching staff / teaching assistants to support NCS students learning Chinese

·         Engage NCS parent volunteers to enhance communication between school and parents

·         Create an enriched language environment for mastery of the Chinese language

·         Create an inclusive learning environment to facilitate students’ integration

·         Facilitate professional development for teachers to develop effective strategies to help NCS students learn Chinese.


Telephone No.2871 3164

E-mail Address (English)


*If you have any enquiries about education services for non-Chinese speaking students or translation service is required, please contact us. (When interviewing NCS children, interpretation and/or translation service for applicants could be arranged where necessary, or parents and children are allowed to be accompanied by a Chinese speaking relative/friend to facilitate communication. Enquiry number: 2871 3164; email: